Ministries at St Paul's

The life and ministry of St Paul’s exists because of the generosity of you the church family, the body of Christ. It depends on the time and talents so generously and faithfully given by many - thank you!

Below is a description of the vast and varied aspects of our church life. Please take a look and then prayerfully consider where you could get involved and play your part. If you are interested in anything but do not want to commit yourself, you can partner someone who already does the jobs to find out what it entails.

‘Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.’ 1 Corinthians 12: 27


Assisting in the distribution of Holy Communion during Church services. Those involved in this ministry are first of all endorsed by the PCC and then authorised for three years (renewable) by the Bishop of Bedford. Training is provided by the vicar. Although mainly assisting with the chalice, they may also assist with the distribution of the consecrated bread. There is no rota, but those authorised may be asked to assist as required.

Contact: Mo or Tony


Bible Readings

Reading the first (occasionally both) of the lessons during our morning services. There is a rota on which each person reads about once every two months. Readings are usually from the wooden lectern at the front but occasionally from the brass lectern in the sanctuary . We use the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible.

Contact: Chris Moroni



Cleaning and polishing the brass cross on the credence, two brass candlesticks on the communion table, the brass cross by the prayer corner, the church letterbox and the St. Paul’s plaque outside the main door. Materials are provided. Frequency depends on how quickly the brass tarnishes and becomes dull.

Contact: Kay Simpkins


Chair Rota

a.) Setting out chairs in time for Sunday service. This may done the day before. However, there needs to be some flexibility of time depending on whether the hall is in use. Some lifting and carrying is necessary. A trolley is available. Nevertheless, the stacks of chairs can be quite heavy to move.

b.) Setting out the hall for weekday use. This is done on Monday morning or afternoon. Chairs are stacked and put away in the chair store, the partition is closed and the wooden chairs are set out in the Chapel.

Contact: Mo or Tony


Children’s Church and Crèche

Leaders and helpers provide a secure, nurturing and fun environment in which children can explore and learn more of God and of our Christian faith. There is exciting scope for development here. All who work with our children must fulfil the requirements of our Safeguarding Policy.

Contact: Beth Hart or Janet Clingan


Church cleaning

Principally vacuuming, dusting and polishing the sanctuary. Materials are provided. There is a rota with each person/couple doing the cleaning once an month. Access to the Church can be arranged to suit.

Contact: Fran Denton or Kay Simpkins


Church linen

Washing, ironing and maintaining, as required, items such as purificators, corporals etc. used at Holy Communion. Also, the threetime-a-year washing, ironing and maintaining of the sanctuary linen on the communion table and the credence.

Contact: Jo Harding or Fran Denton



There are two churchwardens. They are elected annually at the Meeting of Parishioners and then ‘sworn-in’ at a later date as bishop’s officers by the archdeacon. A churchwarden must be on the Church Electoral Roll, over the age of 21 years and regular communicant. Once elected, they have wide-ranging duties and responsibilities in the parish, are leaders in the congregation and work together closely with the vicar and the PCC to discern, support and carry forward the mission and ministry of St. Paul’s.

Contact: Mo or Tony


Communion vessels

Providing the bread and preparing the communion vessels for services of Holy Communion and afterwards, washing, tidying and putting away. Lighting sanctuary candles and extinguishing them after the service. Training provided. A rota is in operation with members serving approximately once a month.

Contact: Chris Moroni


Deanery Synod Representative

Representatives (St. Paul’s is entitled to two) are elected for a period of three years at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM). They must be on the Electoral Roll for at least 6 months, over the age of 18 years and a regular communicant. Deanery Synod Representatives attend the meetings of the Synod (usually 4 per year) and are automatically members of our PCC. Their role is to report back to the PCC and the Church the proceedings of the Synod and, when required, to vote on issues raised at Synod.

Contact: Rachel Butler or John Newbury



We have a Facebook page but need more input to develop it further and make it more compelling. This would suit someone who is a keen Facebook user.

Contact: Chris Moroni or Nicola Ip.



Flowers decorate our Church sanctuary on most weeks of the year, save Lent. At present displays are of artificial flowers with the occasional display of fresh flowers at festivals or when provided by a member of our congregation. We do not, at present, have regular flower arrangers. If you have skills in this area, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Contact: Mo or Tony



Hedge-trimming, weeding, pruning and removal of litter are all required if our gardens are to be a blessing to our Church and community. Some tools are available but you might also need to bring your own. Little and often is better than the occasional blitz! Access can be arranged to suit.

Contact: Mo or Tony


Healing Prayer and Prayer Ministry

Laying-on-of-hands and anointing with oil is offered on the fourth Sunday each month. In addition, prayer ministry is available after each Sunday morning service. Members of the Healing Team undergo two sessions of training with the vicar before being commissioned and their ministry acknowledged by the congregation. There is also ongoing support and further training as needed. Both laying-on-of-hands and prayer after the service operate on a rota system.

Contact: Chris Moroni


Health and Safety

We are in need of someone who is willing to develop our Health and Safety policy and be the nominated person for Health and Safety matters.

Contact: Mo or Tony


Hymn boards

Hymn numbers need to be displayed for our Sunday services of Family Communion using the two hymn boards we have in Church. After the service the boards need to be cleared and the numbers put away. The hymn boards are not used for Family Worship when hymns etc. are projected.

Contact: David Davies


Ins and Outs / Social Events

Ins and Outs is a social group within St Paul's. It organises trips and events monthly, sometimes after church on a Sunday, but also sometimes on Saturday. It also organises the following regular church events: New Year Party (January), Pancake Party (February), St Paul's Picnic (August) and Harvest Lunch

(October), All events are free. We are always looking for more people to help and to participate. We also need drivers who would be willing to give lifts when we go out and about.

Contact: Tony, Sarah, Kay or Janice



Would you be willing to lead the prayers of at our Sunday morning services? We have a small number of people already doing this, but it would be good to have some more! Training and ongoing help is available in-house and also through the Deanery and Diocese. There are prayer lists of topics to use.

Contact: Chris Moroni



There are many and varied things around Church that need mending, maintaining, seeing-to etc. If you have a talent for DIY and an ability to fix things then why not put your talent to good use together with others who have similar gifts and interests.

Contact: Mo or Tony


Microphones and Audio-Visual

We use microphones at our Sunday services. In addition, our service of Family Worship (1st Sunday of month) makes use of a projector and screen to display hymns etc. We need volunteer(s) willing to set these up beforehand, to operate them where necessary during services, and to put them away afterwards.

Contact: David Davies or Tony Glynos


Mission Representatives

The role of a Mission Representative is to raise awareness in the congregation of a particular mission organisation or partner. This usually involves cooperating with the vicar and PCC in organising a Sunday when the work and needs of the organisation can be highlighted and support, both financial and pastoral, can be encouraged. Throughout the year, the Mission Representative also acts as a channel through which information (e.g. the availability of newsletters, news updates and topics for prayer) can be made known.

Contact: Nicola and Ajat Ip



Music is a vital part of our services and we are thankful for those who contribute in this way. If you sing or play an instrument your gift would be welcome in supporting and enriching our worship, in particular when the Music Group leads the first Sunday of month Service of the Word.

Contact: James Hart or Richard Heathcote


Noticeboards, Publicity and Information

Communication plays an important part in the life of any church. This involves keeping our noticeboards up to date and looking attractive as well as ensuring that publicity and current information is readily available to our congregation and parish.

Contact: Mo or Tony


Parochial Church Council

The PCC is the major decision-making body in the church. Members are elected to the PCC at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting usually to serve for three years. In order to stand for election to the PCC it is necessary to be on the Church Electoral Roll for at least 6 months, over 16 years of age and a regular communicant. The PCC meets approximately eight times each year on Monday evenings. If they wish, a member may stand for re-election at the end of their previous term of office.

Contact: Mo or Tony


Pastoral Team

This is a new area of ministry which we want to develop. Providing support to those who are unwell or going through a time of difficulty. It will involve visiting and keeping in contact with those concerned, offering them care and support on behalf of the church. Training and oversight will be offered to anyone involved in this ministry.

Contact: Kate Lomax



These are provided following the service each Sunday morning as a way of developing our fellowship with one another. Fairtrade coffee and tea are served together with soft drinks, biscuits, cakes, fruit etc. Those who serve the refreshments often bring some contribution of their own to the feast! There is a rota and people serve in pairs. They wash up and tidy away afterwards.

Contact: Janice Burgess



We take the safety and well-being of the children in our care very seriously and have a Safeguarding Policy based on national and diocesan guidelines. We appoint annually a Safeguarding Officer and an assistant to administer the scheme. They report to the PCC.

Contact: Beth Hart



We have a website which we update regularly with the latest news. However the website could be developed a lot more if we could find someone who has the necessary skills to take it forward.

Contact: Tony


Welcoming Team

We are very much in need of more people for this important work.

This involves distributing service books etc as people enter church but more importantly welcoming them, especially those attending for the first time. What is more important is to be able to help people feel valued and at home when they come, and to be aware of their needs.

Contact: Mo or Tony

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