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The information below, is taken directly from the official website of the Church of England.  You can view it and much more by clicking on the read more links or the Church of England logo to go directly to their site.


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The roots of the Church of England go back to the time of the Roman Empire when a Christian church came into existence in what was then the Roman province of Britain. Read more


Archbishop of Canterbury & the Archbishop of York

The Church of England is organised into two provinces; each led by an archbishop (Canterbury for the Southern Province and York for the Northern). These two provinces cover England, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, the Isles of Scilly and even a small part of Wales. Read more


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If you are looking for information on the Anglican Church in other parts of Britain and Ireland, visit the websites of the Church in Wales, the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Church of Ireland. For information on the Anglican Church in other parts of the world, visit the Anglican Communion website. Read more

Our buildings

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Churches and cathedrals are the most public indication of the Church's role in the community, both as the places in which public worship takes place and as a focus for many events which reach beyond the worshipping congregation to society at large. Read more

Work with other churches

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The Church of England is committed to working towards the goal of full visible unity within the Christian Church. The Council for Christian Unity is at the heart of the diocesan, national and international initiatives. Read more

Work with other faiths

Archbishop & Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks

The Church of England, in partnership with other Christian churches, seeks to build up good relations with people of  other faith traditions, and where possible to co-operate with them in service to society. Read more


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This section shows current available clergy vacancies and vacancies within the National Institutions of the Church of England. If you see a job that is of interest to you, simply click on the job title to view job details and download a full job profile and application form. Read more

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